What is AFI Supplements D-Mannose?

D-Mannose, an AFI supplement, aims to help clean the urinary tract and keep you healthy. Naturally, D- Mannose is a sugar that is found in many fruits including cranberries, pears, and oranges. Since D-Mannose does not contribute to increasing glucose levels in the blood, it’s one of the safest sugars to take and it stops bacteria from sticking to the urinary tract.

We will take a look at how effective this supplement is for you and whether it has any side effects when it comes to improving your urinary health.


The ingredients used in this supplement are herbal and nutritional based. This product contains one main ingredient, being 500mg of D-Mannose. This is a natural ingredient that helps keep the urinary tract healthy and prevent urinary tract infections. Another inactive ingredient is magnesium stearate.


D-Mannose comes with easy-to-use dosage instructions. It is a white-colored tablet which is easy to swallow. You are advised to take the tablets around three times a day along with water. Results are immediate and you can see the changes within a couple of days.


The D-Mannose tablet pack contains 90 tablets and will cost you $24.99. Since you will be taking around 3 a day, it should last you for around a month. You can purchase this product directly from the manufacturer’s website and it should be delivered within 3-5 days.

Possible Side Effects

There are no known side effects with taking this product. Most reviews have shown that the product has worked for the users.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

A team of researchers and doctors put together have come up with this supplement. The manufacturer includes online ordering, customer service, and one-day delivery. After searching the manufacturer’s website, we were unable to find any money-back guarantee or any information regarding a return policy. This could potentially result in you taking a financial loss if the product does not work for you.

The Bottom Line

AFI has taken a big step towards complimenting a total wellness lifestyle. And the D-Mannose supplement pack is one that you do need to have if you are having urinary tract issues. User reviews have been mostly positive and this product seems to only contain natural ingredients. One of the major drawbacks of this product is the lack of guarantee. With all the research that has supposedly gone into making this product, one would think it would be backed by a guarantee. Not only will a guarantee provide a safety net for consumers, it also shows the level of confidence a manufacturer has in their product. There are other similar products available on the market that do come backed by a manufacturer’s guarantee.

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