What is Bio-Kult Pro-Cyan?

Bio-Kult Pro-Cyan is one of the many supplements on the market today that claims to offer a solution to health issues related to the urinary tract. The remedy alleges to have the power that can bring users relief from the frequent and urgent desire to urinate, and relieve them of the painful sensations that accompany urination. In addition, the extract boasts of providing relief to other urinary complications such as the passing of pus-like and cloudy urine as well as removing the foul smell that accompanies an infected urinary tract system. The aim of this article is to furnish you with relevant information that will give you the ability to see the facts for yourself before you commit your money and buy this product.


This section shows you the ingredients the manufacturer used in the formulation of this product. The manufacturer says it is free from gluten, but it contains some soy and milk. The main components of the product are listed below as follows:

  • Cranberry Extract (Vaccinium Macrocarpon)
  • Cellulose (bulking agent)
  • Vitamin A (Retinyl Acetate)
  • Vegetable Capsule (Hydroxypropylmethyl Cellulose)
  • Probiotic cultures: Lactobacillus acidophilus PXN 35; Lactobacillus Plantarum PXN 47


The supplement comes with simple and easy-to-use dosage instructions. The manufacturer recommends taking 1-2 capsules, once or twice, daily accompanied by food. They also advise users to consume the product as per a medical professional’s directions. Children below the age of 12 years can take half the dose an adult takes.


At the time we were checking the manufacturer’s website, a pack of 45 capsules was retailing at $18.59. We did not see any special discounts offered by the manufacturer for buying the product in bulk.

Possible Side Effects

So far, we have not come across any adverse side effects that are associated with the usage of this supplement. The manufacturer says it is safe for use by pregnant women after consulting a doctor, but they do not tell us about the usage by nursing mothers. If you are taking other prescription drugs, it is also prudent to consult a physician before consuming this supplement.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

Our search on the manufacturer’s website did not lead us to any money-back guarantee that the manufacturer offers with the product. Additionally, the manufacturer’s site does not have any verified user reviews that can give a potential buyer a clue of the product’s efficacy.

The Bottom Line

Bio-Kult Pro-Cyan extract is a good product with a few admirable features and benefits. First, it is safe for use among expectant mothers and children. Second, it has clear dosage instructions. However, the supplement has a few shortcomings that can cause a potential buyer to look for alternatives. First, it does not come with a money-back guarantee that allows a buyer to have a fallback if they are dissatisfied with the product. Second, the remedy is a bit overpriced since other equally effective supplements are retailing at a lower cost.

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