What is Himalaya Healthcare Punarnava?

Punarnava is an ancient plant root from India that has been used in Ayurveda practices. Punarnava is known to contain anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. These properties are used to treat urinary tract infections. Punarnava is also known to help support kidney function.


There seems to be only one ingredient listed. Himalaya Punarnava contains 250 mg of Punarnava in each capsule. The manufacturer gives a very detailed description on the website about the elements that Punarnava contains and its benefits for treating UTIs.


It is recommended to take one capsule, twice a day. There is no mention of when to take it or with what.


There is no pricing information on the Himalaya Punarnava website. There is no way to purchase this product directly from the manufacturer. There also is no Amazon product site for Himalaya Punarnava either. Apparently, it can only be purchased in other third-party stores. In order to purchase a Himalaya wellness product, the wellness site directs a customer to an online store. When the Himalaya Punarnava product was searched for on the online store, the website timed out and an error message appeared.

Possible Side Effects

There aren’t any side effects mentioned for this specific product. Under the Frequently Asked Questions page, the company states that there are no side effects for any Himalaya products.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

We were unable to find any mention of a manufacturer’s guarantee. As the product is not sold directly through the manufacturer’s website, it is important to pay attention to the return policy of the store where you are purchasing the product. There are also no reviews on the Himalaya website.

The Bottom Line

It sounds like Himalaya Punarnava has the potential to treat urinary tract infections. It also seems to have the potential to treat edema, which is associated with kidney dysfunction. After our research on Himalaya Punarnava, there are many red flags customers should be aware of before they consider purchasing this product. First, there is a lot of filler history about the plant characteristics of Punarnava and the history of the plant, and no indication of any studies about the plant that have shown the effective quantities to consume for any results to be seen. On the manufacturer’s website, there is no price listed. It is also difficult to navigate how to purchase the product. In the Frequently Asked Questions page, the customer is redirected to the Himalaya online product store. When we clicked and searched for this specific product, an error page appeared. The lack of reviews is also troubling. Without insight from consumers of the product, it is hard for a new customer to make an informed decision. There is also a lack of a manufacturer’s guarantee. So even if a customer was able to figure out how to purchase Himalaya Punarnava, there isn’t necessarily a guarantee that the customer would receive a refund if they were not happy with the product. What this website and product seemingly lack, far outweighs any benefits this Himalaya Punarnava might actually give the customer.

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