What is Natural Balance CranBalance?

Natural Balance CranBalance is a product that aims to provide essential nutritive support to the urinary tract. It is designed to be a highly potent product which functions to promote urinary tract health integrity. It is designed in capsule formulations which makes it easy to use. All its constituents are natural according to the manufacturer, and it is an FDA-approved product which means that it is safe for use.


Each capsule contains as the main active ingredient 500mg cranberry extract. Other ingredients include:


According to the manufacturer’s directions, they recommend that one capsule per day is enough to achieve significant results. One capsule per day is enough to achieve maximum potency, according to the manufacturer. Continued usage of CranBalance improves urinary health of the individual, therefore it is advised that after the initial dose of 30 tablets, you get another package.


The product comes in packages of 30 capsules each. On the manufacturer’s website, each package costs $23.11. Frequent deliveries like monthly, annually or weekly have not been indicated on the manufacturer’s website. The product can also be obtained from other online stores but the price is different depending on the services offered by those online stores. No discounts have been indicated.

Possible Side Effects

No side effects have been indicated by the manufacturer. Some reviewers have complained of headaches and the feeling of tiredness while some complained of bloating. According to many reviewers, all these side effects are self-limiting and if they persist, you need to seek medical attention. Safety in pregnancy and during breastfeeding have not yet been proven so you need to consult the manufacturer before using the product.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

Natural Balance ensures that people get an email to inform them when and how their product has been shipped and the expected date of delivery. If you happen to have any complaints about the shipped product, Natural Balance requires the client to make a direct phone call to discuss the issue. If they see it is worth refunding or exchanging the product, they will do so without any hesitation.

The Bottom Line

There are reviews about the product in many of the online stores on which the product is being sold. Many of the reviews are positive, meaning the product is helpful. Some reviews have been very specific indicating that CranBalance helps in prevention of cystitis. On the contrary, other reviewers have pointed out that it is slow in working indicating that it will require at least one month of usage to obtain the necessary results. The price is high to some people because they are required to order more tablets again after 30 days for significant positive outcomes to be seen. The frequent ordering is what has been discouraging a lot of people.

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