What is Nutricia UTI-Stat?

Nutricia UTI-Stat is a drink that supports urinary tract health. It consists of cranberry concentrate. It aims to act as a preventative measure for urinary tract health as well as a management tool for a customer with a urinary tract infection.


Ingredients include:

  • Water
  • Glycerin
  • Proprietary Blend (Cranberry Concentrate, Ascorbic Acid, D-Mannose, FOS, Bromelain)

Contains 2% or less of the following ingredients:

  • Sucralose
  • Acesulfame Potassium Sorbate (to preserve flavor)
  • Sodium Benzoate (to preserve flavor)
  • Phosphoric Acid


Depending on a customer’s medical situation, there are two ways to consume Nutricia UTI-Stat. First, it can be taken orally. The Nutricia site recommends taking 1 oz, two times a day for as long as the customer needs it. It can be consumed straight or combined with a hot or cold beverage. The second way Nutricia UTI-Stat can be taken is through a tube. Customers need to flush the feeding tube with water, measure and give the prescribed dose. Then UTI-Stat can be given straight into the enteral tube.

Three months after opening, UTI-Stat should be thrown away. The UTI-Stat website warned to not consume if the seal is broken.


On the Nutricia-UTI Stat website, it is a challenge to determine the price. It looks like a customer must register and log into the website in order to purchase the product. The price is not explicitly listed. On the Amazon product site, a customer can purchase a 4-pack of UTI-Stat for $147.61. Shipping appears to be $12 per order. On the Amazon site, one 30oz. bottle costs $32.68, plus $6 for shipping.

Possible Side Effects

The Nutricia website states not to use UTI-Stat as a substitute for antibiotics.  It is also not intended for use as an analgesic (painkiller). It is not supposed to be for parenteral use as well.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

Nutricia’s manufacturer’s commitment page is located under the return policy tab at the bottom of the main website page. It describes step by step what a customer must do in order to return and receive a full refund. First, the customer must call Nutricia’s customer service team to get a Returned Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. This number must be on the outside of the returned box. The customer is responsible for shipping costs.

There are no reviews on Nutricia’s website for UTI-Stat. But there are 19 reviews on the Amazon product website. The product received 4.3 out of 5 stars.

The Bottom Line

Most reviews for Nutricia’s UTI-Stat are positive, particularly when used by the elderly. It isn’t as sweet as straight cranberry juice, which was viewed as a positive. It prevented and helped manage urinary tract health. There were a few reviewers who complained of an upset stomach after using UTI-Stat. One said the taste was great, but it still didn’t work as it was supposed to. It is troubling that there isn’t explicit pricing information on the manufacturer’s website. The fact that the customer has to register to the website, makes purchasing difficult.

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