What is Traditional Medicinals Cran-Aid?

This review for Cran-Aid will help inform and advise customers on whether or not to purchase this product. Cran-Aid is an organic, kosher, herb-based dietary aid. It is a caffeine-free herbal tea, that helps urinary tract health. It is designed as a sweet, but tart, cranberry tea. It is available on many online websites.


Cran-Aid is made from organic material. The main ingredient is uva ursi leaf. Uva ursi’s main medicinal use is to help urinary tract disorders. Commonly, it helps infections in the kidney, bladder, and urethra, and reduces inflammation in the urinary tract. It is also used for constipation and bronchitis.

In Cran-Aid, uva ursi is combined with cranberries, which have also been known to help prevent urinary tract infections, and other infections due to sexual activity.

Other herbal ingredients include:

  • Organic cranberry fruit concentrate
  • Organic cleavers herb
  • Organic marshmallow root
  • Organic hibiscus flower
  • Organic chamomile flower
  • Organic rose hip
  • Organic peppermint leaf
  • Organic stevia leaf


Cran-Aid is simple to use. The tea generally comes in a box with 16 tea bags. One serving is one tea bag. To prepare, place one tea bag in 8 ounces of freshly boiled water. Cover the water for 10 to 15 minutes; although for a diluted taste, soak the tea bag for less. Before removing the tea bag, squeeze the bag to get all nutrients into the drink. It is recommended to drink two to three servings a day.


Currently, there is no pricing information listed on the manufacturer’s site, although they are advertising 10 percent off for those who choose the reoccurring delivery option. Other sites such as iherb.com, have priced Cran-Aid at around $5.

Possible Side Effects

Teas that use uva ursi have been known to cause nausea and vomiting, especially for those with sensitive stomachs. Those with a history of kidney stones, or kidney disease, should not take Cran-Aid without seeking professional medical advice. Do not take Cran-Aid while on blood thinners. Cran-Aid should not be taken by women who are pregnant or nursing. Children under 12 should not drink Cran-Aid.

It is recommended to seek medical advice for those who are planning to use Cran-Aid long-term, as uva ursi leaves are not used for long-term treatment. If nausea or vomiting persists longer than one to two weeks, stop drinking Cran-Aid and seek a doctor.

Manufacturer’s Commitments

The manufacturer does not allow exchanges. They do offer a satisfaction guarantee. For those not satisfied, return the product, along with the reason for the return, to get a refund or replacement item. There are specific details for how long you have to return a product, just that it should be done as soon as a possible.

There are no customer reviews on the manufacturer’s site. Although reviews can be found on sites like Amazon.com.

Bottom Line

There are many positive reviews about Cran-Aid. It is not an expensive supplement to purchase, and can be found easily online. It also comes with a guarantee satisfaction and seems to help many women. However, the return policy is very vague. While many reviewers reported Cran-Aid as beneficial, results vary. It is not a prescription that is guaranteed to prevent or clear up urinary tract infections. It is not a supplement meant to be taken every day because it could cause serious side effects.

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