What is Uristat?

Uristat is a pain relief tablet containing Phenazopyridine, a local analgesic, for the urinary tract. Uristat does not clear a urinary tract infection (UTI); this requires an antibiotic. It is instead an over-the-counter product providing temporary pain relief to people suffering from a UTI, or painful, burning, or frequent urination. Uristat is one of at least a dozen brands providing Phenazopyridine in tablet form.


The active ingredient in Uristat is Phenazopyridine Hydrochloride, at a dosage of 95 mg per tablet. The inactive ingredients comprising the rest of the tablet include:

  • Lactose
  • Magnesium silicate
  • Magnesium stearate
  • Microcrystalline cellulose
  • Pharmaceutical glaze
  • Sodium starch glycolate


Uristat comes with a UTI test strip, and users should not take any tablets prior to testing. Adults and children aged 12 and over are instructed to take 2 tablets of Uristat 3 times daily with a full glass of water. Uristat is meant to be taken as needed, with or after meals. Users are instructed not to use Uristat for more than two days (12 total tablets) without consulting a doctor, though packages come in both 12- and 36-tablet varieties.


Purchase of Uristat is not available from the manufacturer’s product page, and for online purchasing with delivery, a 36-pack may be purchased on Amazon for $12.49. In stores, Uristat can be found at most major superstores and pharmacies. Walmart.com lists the price of a 36-pack of Uristat at $6.57, or 18.3 cents per tablet.

Possible Side Effects

Phenazopyridine, the active ingredient in Uristat, is an azo dye, and as such will turn urine a characteristic orange color. This side effect is to be expected and is used to determine whether the drug is active. Similarly, the dye may stain soft contact lenses, so users are recommended to go without contacts or wear glasses while taking Uristat. Possible side effects that would necessitate medical attention include symptoms indicated in declining kidney function, like fever, chills, back pain or bloody urine. Some report gastrointestinal upset, though taking the tablet with or after a meal can help. Women who are nursing or pregnant and children under the age of 12 are instructed to consult with a doctor before use. Finally, epidemiological studies done on mice and rats have shown long-term exposure to Phenazopyridine to be carcinogenic, but adequate human testing has not yet been performed.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

Uristat does not come with any commitment or guarantee from the manufacturer. As with other over-the-counter analgesics, it is intended for short-term relief and does not purport to provide a long-term solution to a UTI or lasting urinary discomfort.

The Bottom Line

After review, we believe Uristat offers cheap, adequate short-term relief for people suffering from urinary discomfort. Product reviews left on websites like Walgreens.com, Walmart.com, and Amazon support Uristat’s effectiveness. The only negative remarks users seem to make about Uristat concern its propensity to stain, and the difficulty finding it in stores. Our only reservations about the Uristat product is that it does not attempt to eliminate the bacteria causing the UTI with bacteria-killing ingredients like some other products, nor does it address overall urinary tract health with ingredients like cranberry or lingonberry. Limiting its active ingredients to only Phenazopyridine places Uristat firmly in the category of pain relief, rather than health promotion.

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