Overactive Bladder (OAB) is a condition which gives you a sudden urge to urinate that is hard to control and may lead to leakage of urine before you relieve yourself. You need to avoid certain types of food and beverages which cause extra irritation to the bladder, worsen the problem or lead to embarrassing situations.


Alcoholic beverages irritate your bladder and inhibit your ability to be aware of a full bladder hence increasing the chance of OAB.

Caffeinated drinks

What not to Eat if you Have an Overactive BladderTea and coffee are satisfying beverages but if you have OAB stay away from them. Caffeine can exacerbate OAB symptoms because it makes your bladder get full frequently and may cause urinal incontinence.
As an alternative you can use chocolate in very small amounts in place of tea or coffee since it has very little amount of caffeine which is less likely to cause symptoms.

Citrus fruits

Limes, grape fruit, oranges and lemons have a lot of citric acid which can make it harder for you to hold your urine. Thankfully there are many fruits in this world which you can eat instead of citruses, such as bananas.

Carbonated drinks

If you are a fan of soft drinks, energy drinks or champagne, it is time to stop drinking them. These carbonated drinks stimulate your bladder very fast worsening OAB.


It is time to cut down on spices to minimize your OAB symptoms. Foods with spices are very appetizing yet you would not want to suffer every time you eat. Avoid hot spices like pepper which will cause irritation to your bladder.

What not to Eat if you Have an Overactive BladderSugary foods

Some studies have shown that sweeteners in food worsen bladder problems including OAB. Cut down your intake of sweet foods. Tame your sweet tooth by fulfilling your craving by other means such as eating naturally sweet fruits.

Processed foods

They contain a lot of artificial components that pose a threat to you especially if you have OAB. Natural foods are safer and gentler on your urinary system and your kidneys will not have to keep eliminating toxins.


The acid in tomatoes will cause you more irritation making your OAB worse. Cut down the use of foods that are made with a lot of tomatoes such as ketchup, salsa or pasta source.

What not to Eat if you Have an Overactive BladderRaw onions

They are accelerators of the urge to pass water. You may save yourself from OAB symptoms by eating them when they are cooked.


Avoid cranberry juice when with OAB. It can worsen your symptoms because of its acidic nature thus increasing the chance of feeling like you have to urinate all of a sudden.

Dietary Tips for OAB

Take a balanced amount of water so that you do not become dehydrated or constipated. The recommended amount if you have OAB is around 6 glasses (8 ounces each) of water in a day.

You may keep a diary to track your diet and the aftereffects. In so doing you will know exactly which foods to avoid.

Seek medical attention to find out the cause of your OAB. Your doctor may prescribe drugs or supplements to ease your situation.

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